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Our aim is to provide you with the best value

To achieve this we only use top quality materials that are more durable and longer lasting than cheaper alternatives. This is especially necessary for costal regions and outdoors where the materials are exposed to salt air and UV radiation. Using superior quality materials in the long term will prevent premature ageing and more frequent replacement periods.


Acrylic is also known by the brand name Plexiglas or Perspex. Acrylic is a substrate with a glossy finish and is perfect for a sophisticated, high-tech look. It’s an excellent product for the customer who desires a high quality finish. Because of it’s glossy nature acrylic signs can be subject to glare problems. It is susceptible to scratching easily and can shatter or chip upon impact.

acrylic signwriting
corflute signage


Corflute is an extremely lightweight and versatile plastic sheeting. It is an excellent substitute for poster board or cardboard as it is more durable and versatile. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, so it may also be used outdoors. We use 5mm cross grain corflute for its greater strength to weight ratio and superior crease resistance.

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“Please thank Ian, Lief & all others who were involved for the professional way the whole process was carried out, we are thrilled with the finished product.”

Norman McLean ~ Susan River Homestead Adventure Resort


Alpolic is a polyethylene composite sheet with an aluminium top cover. It is gloss on one side and matt on the other. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This lightweight and rust-resistant substrate is one of the most rugged sign materials available. It is easily machined and cut and can be successfully bent to produce a neat and attractive fold.


Signwhite is made from Colorbond steel, and is well-suited for short or long-term outdoor usage. The substrate is relatively lightweight, weather-resistant, and rust-resistant.

Other Materials

The Signdoctor uses a variety of other substrates for special needs, such as polycarbonate panel, MDF, weathertex and common metal plates such as aluminium & stainless steel.

Our experts will always have the right solution for your needs.