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The Sign Doctor can fabricate LED light boxes to any custom size for internal or external applications. With some of our custom light boxes reaching sizes of over 12 meters in length to you can be rest assured we have the expertise for your particular requirements.

We supply custom sized LED light boxes direct to our customers and also manufacture and supply wholesale LED light boxes to the sign writing trade and other industries.

We provide a choice of face options in acrylic, polycarbonate or flex face depending on the size of the box and where it will be positioned. We can supply computer cut lettering or UV laminated full colour digitally printed faces and also offer the option of placing 3-D illuminated letters to the face.

Our light boxes are illuminated using specifically designed state of the are LED lighting for this very purpose.

The result is an end product that is considerably much more cost efficient to run than conventional fluorescent lighting and that provides a far brighter end result than conventional LED lights.

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Additional to this the LED lighting methods we use ensure even internal light diffusion thus doing away with “hotspots” which are common to many boxes using fluorescent tubing or conventional LED’s.

Another great advantage of LED lighting over traditional fluorescent lighting is that it requires much less maintenance in the long term as well as being far cheaper to run which also means a lighter carbon footprint.

To give you an idea of cost savings, a single sided 2400mm x 1200mm fluorescent light box costs around $2,336 in electricity over a eight year period compared to only $504 for the same box fitted with LED lighting.

Maintenance costs are also considerably less. A fluorescent box for example can realistically cost between $500 to $2000 in maintenance over an 8 year period. In most cases it will require the services of a qualified electrician for maintenance. Our LED boxes on the other hand are designed and manufactured to be are almost maintenance free over this period and operated off 12 volts so they don’t require an electrician’s services. The only possible cost with our LED sets is for transformer replacement. As the transformer is a plug in unit with 12vdc output, in most cases an electrician is not required for this.

For more info on the benefits of LED light boxes and the cost savings that they can deliver you please contact us.

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